Thursday, November 22, 2007


I didn't think the Daily Post Challenge would actually challenge me for content, but without a scanner, I'm scrounging around my computer for latent artwork!

So here's a first: basically a completely unaltered page from my sketchbook.

I had to trim the top because for some odd reason I had written a phone number there, and I don't think whoever owns that phone number would appreciate that. But now I want to know whose number that is...

This was another What Not to Wear drawing session, of course. No real stories behind any of the sketches, really. Except the guy at the bottom smiling and throwing his arm out. That was modeled after this picture of Gerard Way where he's psychotically unveiling Frankie tied up in a Houdinni-type water trap. Everyone in My Chemical Romance was themed after Victorian period magicians.

Also, the big, hulking guy smashing earth on the far left was modeled after one of the lamest characters ever: the Hulk.

Gobble gobble,


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