Monday, December 10, 2007


Here's the culmination of this cycle's Record hype: I did the cover for the Travel Issue. Beautiful colors by the indefatigable Chittenden.

This is a vast improvement over my first cover, for the Food Issue.

I've been pushing for more complicated covers and used the Food Issue as evidence of why plain covers suck. This issue's cover represents a definite win. Now if we can just get the interiors in step, we will finally dethrone that other magazine, aesthetically, at least.

Working with our wonderful colorist over Thanksgiving break was cool. The COOLER thing was being told that we'd all further work on tweaking colors when everyone involved returned to campus but then being completely cut out of the process! Sweet!

Easter Eggs: Kool-Aid man's leafy shirt design, The cop's owl logos, and a Da Vincian flying machine.

Fun Facts: Mini-jokes and a higher complexity are so important to a successful cover and such an important issue for me that I wrote one of my Spanish compositions on this subject.

Also: Curse you, Yale Record, for actually being funny this time.

Also also: this is post 50. Pretty exciting...


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