Friday, December 5, 2008


Last change: Ben loses everything.
Now change 13!

That's it.

Easter Eggs: Change 13 in panel 1, thanks in final panel.

Fun Facts: Ben's shirt logo means irony, the series theme (nothing actually happens).

THANKS: ロト63億2千万円当てた男, JAPN S-275: Japanese Cinema and Culture, Eiichiro Oda, Toshihiro Ono, LeSean Thomas, Chamba, J, LITR439: Graphic Forms.

I'm sure people simply picture-view here, which is fine, but I would sincerely appreciate feedback via any method; I really need to know how I'm doing.

Also, WRITERS: I'd love to collaborate on a comic over break; please contact me if you'd be interested in working on a comic.

..So this comic basically defined my semester week to week, a key memento from Japan, but I don't really cling to it, which makes me think it's sort of like MCR's Black Parade: admirably high concept but not as enjoyable as prior work; I didn't even feel anything after finishing inks. Next semester's a return to punk rock.

Here's jack kelly's season ender, "monopoly."

So again, Quarters Crisis feedback would be wonderful, email or whatever; everyone's a stranger to me, so I already don't know you and won't look you up.


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