Monday, May 25, 2009


Page Six

This is the penultimate entry of my classwork comic for CHEM100, an Inspector Luso adventure. Exciting.

Since I had to churn out a ton of pages in a short amount of time, I knew I couldn't go nuts on the details, which meant I couldn't even use a ruler for anything besides the frames.

It also meant that I couldn't get too crazy with the layouts, either, since there wasn't time to scour my little comics library for ideas. Just purely instincts on this series, mainly.

The research for the car and the building facades was based on rapid image-googles.

Page Seven

I wrote the series over a couple days during Spring Break after inspiration hit, let it sit till reading week for rewrites, spent a day laying out the entire 10 pages, and then spent about three days drawing everything out. By the end of the first page, I realized 10 pages would be cutting it way too close to deadline, so I skipped poor page 2, but added a cover.

I loved how these pages looked in my head. Totally insane atmosphere with color and stuff. Alas, fast-paced penciled pages are all I could afford.

Fun Facts: Luso had a gun, but I went back and erased each instance since it would make this page kind of unreasonable, although I kept forgetting to draw her arm band.

Only one more page of science clunkiness left.


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