Friday, October 30, 2009


This volume of The Penny Dreadful debuts my official entrance into the prose arena, featuring the first "deal" of my series Doggie Mojo, which will eventually be available here.

I couldn't afford time for two illustrations, not that I'm thrilled with this one, and I haven't even read the published version yet(!), but I wanted to take a moment to properly kick off this Dreadful art series.

Easter Eggs: Braille R. Design cues from Evangelion, Mobile Suit Gundam, and Pokemon.

Fun Facts: I wrote this series for my Writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy Class this past Summer Session, at first as a salute to my favorite gang, Team Rocket, and then it grew into a nod to all those inspirational Toonami shows that were just so phenomenally meaningful to me creatively.

Baa: Before writing, I would listen to these old Toonami hype clips to get in the zone, and even summarize the day's work in that excellent voice that I always associate with Toonami over Transformers. I would repeat in that husky voice, "Toonami is proud to present...Doggie Mojo...Saddle up." Or whatever, just thinking of cool, pithy taglines at the end. Man, I'm getting all inspired just thinking back!

A part of me wanted to write for narrative practice (since, as a literature major, merely reading stories can only do so much for you artistically), and a part of me just wanted to prove to myself and others that I am no one trick phony, I can draw and write, pure drawing and pure writing both co-mixed together, in fact.

Part 1 and its volume seem to have sold out, and parts 2 and 3 will be upon us soon enough, but until then, here's a snippet from part 1, "Mechsuit Shuffle":

"His powerful, meaty fingers hungered, tenderly caressing her soft, sumptiou--"

Wait a minute, WHAT?!


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