Friday, March 12, 2010


This is the cover to the Yale Record's Bioethics Issue.

Easter Eggs: My birthday is the machine's serial number and the Record's founding year, 1872, is on the center sticker.

Fun Facts: This setting is based on the Timothy Dwight library's computer cluster because our EIC was TD I guess (beautiful library, btw). It's my first major full color effort.

Baa: I kinda hate TD. It's so ridiculously beautiful, but it seems to be the most legitimately cocky college, despite it being the most marginally "Yale" (before the 13th and 14th arrive, that is). Saying you are living the Yale experience when you live in TD is like saying you're living the American experience when you live in Alaska. Technically true, but come on, who's kidding who? You didn't live on Old Campus, and you are surrounded by bagel shops and coffee huts rather than Yale buildings. At least they're close to Willoughby's. Oh wait, so is JE.

Boola boola.


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