Monday, October 18, 2010


It's shameless the way we flirt.
Zero Like Me [Alive] #130:
Itchy And Scratchy
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 4.

Fun Facts: Frats and the Women's Center fight and fight, and fight and fight and fight (and bark). They both need to take chill pills, for rills. If everyone just toned it down, this world would be a better place. Seriously, the timeline of Frats vs. Women's Center skirmishes is ridiculous--there's some scuffle like every year. That's why this comic has limited panels: it's just a silly, endless cycle blurring from one thing to the next, doomed to repeat itself. This comic is also another YDN-direct, so for more on the story, I guess start here.

For the record, I support neither group; I don't like cartoons and they are examples of real world "cartoons." I can't take either party seriously because they are both so utterly over the top, I can't imagine how anyone can say with a straight face that they represent any larger part of Yale. If frats and the WC are indicative of typical Yale men and women, then Zero and Nyao are the embodiments of Yalies' collective imaginations, hopes, fears, and Oxford commas...riiight. As a guy, I am repulsed by the frats and what they do (when they aren't being adorable, of course), and if I were female, I know I'd feel unwelcome by/at the Women's Center. Kinda feel that way anyway, come to think of it...Anyway, today's setting is the Women's Table, but you already knew that, you silly goose.

Baa: In lighter, more per$onal new$, I took Friday off to excellent effect! I don't want to $poil the $urpri$e, but artland $tuff i$ finally looking bright and $hiny. More on that later.

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