Friday, February 25, 2011


I've done over 600 posts by now, but I'm really tired of my 7th post, the one with that Danny Phantom drawing, still getting a good chunk of traffic. So in the hopes that random googlers will stop going to that page, which has not aged gracefully, I decided to redo that drawing of Danny Phantom.

I noticed the most popular search terms leading to that page mentioned black and white, coloring pages for Danny Phantom. So, random googlers, if you must find your way to this website searching for black and white coloring pages for Danny Phantom, hopefully you will stumble upon this page rather than that painfully antiquated page.

And speaking of Danny Phantom, I've heard great things about that show, and I appreciate its resilient, Zim-like cult following, but to be honest I've never really been able to get into Danny Phantom. The casting was great--the Black Best Friend was even voiced by Vince from Recess! But the stories just never quite grabbed me. I didn't love the Butch Hartman style and to be frank, the theme song sucked hardcore, but the thing that really drove me off of the show was the nauseating plasma-ish color scheme, all those sickly faint greens and purples! But to each his own.

If you feel inclined to search for black and white coloring pages for Danny Phantom, my dear random googlers, I hope you stop by this page rather than that old one. And I hope I get sick of this page soon, when I feel I can pwn this.


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