Monday, February 7, 2011


Alex Doonesbury from Doonesbury. Happy 40th!

The late 60s has to be my favorite period in Yale history, when you could find The Trudeau, W. Bush, Meryl Streep, and even Harvoid roomies Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore all intermingling in the infamous 29-29 Yale-Harvard Game of 1968.

Easter Eggs: Hints of the MIT logo on the backpack. The red text is from the Red Album I bought in Japan, for "Troublemaker," and the hidden text is in part from Fall Out Boy's "America's Suitehearts," which coincidentally is (apparently) about Yale drop-out Cheney and Yale legacy George W. Bush '68, whom The Trudeau '70 worked with on the Davenport College social committee. I thought these sloganisms worked well with Alex and The Trudeau, so I plugged them in for some flair.

Fun Facts: Kinda wanna start embracing digital--combining cel shading and painting. Lots of fun. Speaking of fun, I was fortunate enough to meet The Trudeau twice in one day. And for all his reclusive mystique, he is actually one of the most charming, engaging, and warm humans I've ever met. And I've met Santa Claus.

I spoke to The Trudeau about my encounter with our mutual acquaintance, one Howard Dean '68, and learned some fun little stories from their days at Yale. To his credit, Howard Dean is also a warm, gregarious guy, too (his co-professor, though...kinda intense). When I snuck into Howard Dean's seminar during shopping period, the room of prospective students had a good chortle when Howard Dean light-heartedly derided the Yale Daily News for some reason, meanwhile the just-replaced Editor-in-Chief was sitting no more than two feet away!

What larks, Pip!


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