Friday, February 11, 2011


Hate it when that happens.

Zero Like Me #152:
That Time

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Trying something new:

Easter Eggs: "Yale" on box crate. So many Wilsons. 3OE! My frequently familiar follicle fashion. Z's jacket inspired by Hogarth Hughes' and my non-unique desire to sport Yale gear in the "real world" without feeling like I'm gloating or whatevs. Today's setting is a beautiful building I believe I photographed somewhere near New Haven's ironically-named Cambridge Arms. Since we're leaving New Haven soon, I won't have an excuse to draw it, so in it goes.

Fun Facts: I wrote this comic 53 weeks ago! Crazy! But the comic with the record for longest period between writing and debuting is currently the first one about Teddy Spoogleberg, which was written in 2008 for the Yale Herald, was rejected, and then got tweaked and split into two strips. The first ran in 2010 and the second will run when we get to the airport.

Baa: There's not much to add that hasn't already been said, really. Just keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and if it ever gets awkward, just run away and wear black a lot.

Also, I've always wanted to record the full making-of a comic, so I got this CamStudio thing to at least capture the digital production phase of this comic with Windows Movie Maker. The comicsing process is quite long and thus the video is too long. Like this post.


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