Monday, February 28, 2011


Oh, you slay me.

Zero Like Me #155:
A Softer Word

Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 3. Homage to A Softer World, of course. Today's setting is the YDN building, from the OCDealio I did a whileo agoio, plus last year's Puppet Pals. Shout out to j kelly.

Fun Facts: This is my first comic with sorta-no original art, just re-purposed, rejiggered old pieces creating something new. I've been wanting to use photography in a comic for years, and this particular script, which I've been sitting on since 2009, was the best opportunity I could think of. I considered going all-out in my mimicry and photographing real humans candidly, but I couldn't justify not doing some sort of drawing for the comic. So I just recreated the ASW frame and style, and hopefully it works.

Baa: Someone noticed I was directly using photography for this comic (I already shoot reference photos to draw from), and she asked, "Isn't that cheating?" Funnily enough, I also have mixed feelings about using photos and not drawings in my comics. I'm quite traditional-minded; I even wince about abandoning paper. So is using straight-up photography cheating? Maybe. My goal in doing Zero Like Me is to improve my artistic abilities, and I can say that the experience producing the constituent artwork for this comic was indeed educational. So maybe I didn't level up too much from making this particular comic, but what it took to create it certainly granted me some exp. Plus it's always educational and fun studying other artists' styles.

They're gonna eat me alive,


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