Friday, October 29, 2010


Spoken like a tru deaufeatist.

Zero Like Me [Alive] #134:
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 4. Doonesbury in panel everywhere. Zero is dressed like Mike Doonesbury and Nyao is dressed as Alex Doonesbury.

Fun Facts: This comic is an homage to Garry Trudeau's Doonesbury, in celebration of the series' 40th anniversary. Plus it's around that time of year when everyone dresses up and plays make-believe, right? Today's setting is his old haunt, Scroll and/or Keynes.

In honor of Doonesbury, this comic has tried to mimic his production (minus assistants' help) as much as possible, so that means it's traditionally inked, with minimal digital trickery--just digital tones and colors. Fun trying to letter like him...slanty handwriting; his E's, L's, B's, and P's are fun. The last traditional ink I did was September 22! This is also our very first full color comic.

Baa: Coincidentally I got an email from The Trudeau on tap night--the perfect remedy for Didn't Get Into Scroll Blues. Also, I received a copy of his Bull Tales collection from the Big Ham'nCheese one Reading Week night at 202 York, after I announced I was going to start comicsing for the YDN 3 times a week once we returned from the upcoming Winter Break.

That night was pretty random--I was asked by two fellows on independent occasions to advise whether or not they should do a naked run! What are the odds! Not high!

Freaky coincidences between The Trudeau and I: we're both born on the 21st of a month. We both joined the YDN junior year and started our series 40 Octobers apart; he's '70, I'm '10. Our first editors were both named Reed. Both worked on the Record. Both had run ins with Howard Dean.

And of course, we both went to Yale! What are the odds! Not high!


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