Wednesday, October 27, 2010


That's what you get for having fun.

Zero Like Me [Alive] #133:
Not Cool Whip
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in final panel. Willow Smiff's costume on Nyao, that little My Chemical Romance girl's costume from the Na Na Na video on Zero (tranny wreck, amirite?). Not lil' Grant Morrison in final panel.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is just outside of Yale-New Haven Hospital, a place where they work to eradicate cancer (October's another cancer awareness month).

Baa: I gotta be honest, the music video that inspired this comic is pretty disturbing--I would not want to be eating while watching it. I mean, it's a catchy song and everything, but my back hurts just watching them flick around and that one classroom dancer spasms about like she's possessed or something! Coulda easily been a jazzy, long-lost clip from The Exorcist. I don't mean to be a "hater," but all that stuff on the singer's face is freaking gross, man. It looks like she's got some horrible disease with all that spackle crusted on her eyes. Makes me queasy.

Speaking of queasy, my comic got cut in the YDN last Tuesday, it seems, because the EIC didn't like the namedrop. I submitted a tweaked version, which you can view here, but it was also cut. Dang. Such a good pun, too.

In conclusion: Zero has been getting slapped a lot recently. He will get slapped again soon, promise.


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