Monday, February 14, 2011


Eat your heart out, Banksy, or whoevs.

Zero Like Me #153:
Belie in People

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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in wall. Yale-custom Verizon. Chris Farley. FB01, son. Zer0Ethos + 30E. Toy -> me. Today's setting is the billboard right outside of Sterling Memorial Library, yo.

Fun Facts: Graffiti isn't art. "Graffito" is an idiotic-sounding word that makes me cringe every time I read it, like "cartoon." Today's comic is based on a graffiti piece at Yale.

Baa: I don't really ever expect to be the true shot-caller of anything, so my professional ambition is to work for someone I would feel sad and personally disappointed to let down--a Conan O'Brien. Similarly, my great fear is that I will have to work for someone I have no confidence in, someone with the accursed Zero Ethos--a Mr. Brainwash.

Happy Valentine's day. Spend it with someone you love. Or someone you drew. Either way, get out of my face if you're a couple or I'mma hafta cut a body.

Someday, my 100%, we'll meet.


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