Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Some more homework sketches today.

After I drew Doraemon (a popular character J-kids love) on the board, a kid copied it quite well onto their homework, so I decorated their rendition with a wanted poster styled after another popular anime, One Piece, which uses that distinctive "wanted" poster design for its criminal characters.

We also have an origami crane mashed up with Astro Boy because someone wrote on their sheet that, "Tezuka likes origami" (Tezuka is the name of the creator of Astro Boy). I hope the kid got it, but maybe not. Too insidery?

Next is Jessie from Team Rocket combined with some nifty stickers I found in my desk. I drew a quick little mini Superman and balloon cuz it was getting late in the night, but also cuz I wanna see if I can develop a sort of chibi style for quicker improvised sketches. It looks kinda cute and effective, not unsuccessful...

To cap it off, we have a giant red torii in the sea because the kids had to write about their field trip to just such a thing. I'm pretty sure there's more to a torii design than what I have here, but since I was going off of memory, I'd say it worked--I heard the kid cheer upon receiving the sketch, so I felt pretty warm and/or fuzzy.

So there you go.

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