Friday, November 4, 2011


Now poop on them, Oliver.

Zero Like Me #176:
Indie Comic


Easter Eggs: "Yale" and shout out to Ralph in panel 1. Today's setting is still an airport, but it's actually the one after the monorail after the train after the walk after the hotel after the bus after the plane to Narita airport. Was that confusing enough? Have you been high today?

Fun Facts: Only one comic left in Record script reserves before we hit the new stuff I've written in Japan.

Baa: I've been in Japan long enough that some of the wackiness doesn't register as quite so wacky anymore. For instance, the kids write in their textbook-companion notetaking pads branded "Joyful English." So teachers always say "take out your Joyfuls!" This used to make me crack up because of how cute and kinda-but-not-really-English it is, but now it's just as everyday to me as saying, "take out your notes."

For an in-class activity, I named a girl character Joy, but she was smoking in the picture, so the kids would laugh when I'd say, "The girl smoking is Joy" because in their budding English-brains, I believe that sentence translates to them as meaning, "the girl who is smoking is currently in a state of joy." I always get homework that say things like, "It was enjoy," further verifying my suspicions regarding what passes as logical English for Japanese people.



Elle said...

Ahaha love the humour, kind of dark!

Reuxben said...

Thanks! With any luck, creepiness will become the new charming.