Friday, November 11, 2011


When dealing with personal issues, everyone needs an outlet.

Zero Like Me #177:
Death Cab with Cutie


Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 3. Today's setting is roughly a Japan Airlines (JAL) flight. Today's comic has next to nothing to do with DCFC.

Fun Facts: Today's comic had to be rushed out a bit, so I really felt like I was back at the YDN, except rather than coming down to the wire to get this thing inked so it could go to print, it was to get it inked in time to scan at work so I could finish it up digitally at home. Line quality suffered the rush, but I also realized my main inking pen is at its limits; it's time to try a new one. Speaking of new things, next week will be our first brand new, non-recycled script since July!

Baa: I recently learned my old dean is leaving Yale for a job in Sydney, Australia. He was definitely a reason Yale was a wonderful place to be. Feel bad for future JEsters, especially those who need people in their corners.

Happy (apparently) "Pocky Day" (11/11/11),


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