Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It's Thanksgiving today in Japan--Labor Thanksgiving Day--so everyone gets the day off from work, right in the middle of the week (no, it's not at all psychologically damaging to have a random Wednesday off with the expectation that we're back to the business week as usual in 24 hours. So here's the poster I made for the kids regarding Turkey Day.

It was not even Halloween and the stores and building facades were already sprucing up for Christmas--no love for the turkey. I've heard Japanese people even wonder what the "big chicken" was all about, being unaware of the delectable magnificence of the ever-regal, noble turkey. Since I work at two schools (one mainly, the other on a "visiting" basis), and my visiting school got the nicer poster last month, I decided to go all out on my "home" school's poster, and gave them a handsome turkey to anchor the poster.

In any case, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the US, of course. I think I'll have a giant pizza at my favorite pizza joint down the street and even get some giant fries at my favorite piza joint down the street, but I think I'll pass on giant pancakes at my favorite pizza joint down the street. My favorite pizza joint down the street has quite an eclectic menu. And then Friday is an enkai, a work party, so I guess I'm feasting twice this week. Which makes sense since Japan is all about the incrementals when it comes to food--no single huge food, just waves of it.



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