Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Here's some more homework sketches, plus some techincally non-homework sketches.

First we've got Harry Potter, because the kids love that sun-deprived dude. We've got another shot a chibifying my sketches, with a mini-Scott "Cyclops" Summers.

And then my local Genky supermarket has a ton of pen/pencil/paper testing stations, so I drew a Chopper on it using the various pens they have for customers to sample. And then a kid drew a Spongebob on their homework so I gave that character a try.

Below those are some blackboard draws of: Doraemon, an insanely popular character from Japan that has yet to make the transition to the US--see also the student's sketch of Ampanman, who is in a similar position of monstrous Japanese celebrity but non-existent US awareness; Majin Buu, of DBZ celebrity; and another Chopper, of One Piece. I drew the blackboard draws on a visit to an elementary school, where I did a guest teaching spot. The kids loved the sketches. It was hilarious, cute, and ridiculous.

To close, a student drew a character who I believe is related to the Vocaloid movement. So I tried drawing that character as an exercise in mimicry. Riffing on kids' drawings is a nice change of pace.

So there you go.

Happy Labor Thanksgiving Day,


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