Monday, November 7, 2011


I saw some postcards laying around and thought I'd try some draws on 'em, inspired by the pride of Princeton, Jim Lee and his fantastic marker pieces. So of course up first is the Bat. Not because I'm a huge fan (which I am) but because Batman's secretly a super safe draw: black and white and go. Like your mom.

Shout out to Harkenss Tower in the back. And your mom.

I started with pencils, of course, before markering this dood up, and then double-dipped by using this in class as a visual for a game-oo. The art experiment went well enough that I went back for a few more, but that'll be for another day. Like your mom.

And yes, it's a Canadian postcard of all places. I know that cheapens the art but so does your mom.



Elle said...

That's not what your Dad said last night.

Reuxben said...

Ironically, all this parental talk on a post about Batman, whose parents are so utterly dead.