Monday, March 20, 2017


Just a weird night...started with a surprise visit from a bunch of the landlady's kids accompanying her on her scheduled visit. They were clamoring for more presents (he still carries my sketch card around!), so I invited them to choose from among my Inktober drawings for a little souvenir (only had my newer sketchbook on hand, so only the latter Inktobers were available, unfortunately). They all flipped out!

I also thought it'd be nice to let the little girl of the group get two, since she was just so wistfully looking at our little angel, after earlier getting to scoop that old Pikachu when I first thought to give away some sketches. The party looted cat lady Chandra, Silvos, Squee, and even (super excitedly) Tibor and Lumia!

I felt so, so sad when they left, though. I usually feel good when I give art away, and I did feel good, but there was some overwhelming weight suffocating it. I was numb the whole day, vaguely wanting to throw up as the hours dragged by, but everything gave way to a distinct sadness at the moment they left. I just stared at the wall for a few minutes. Didn't cry. So there's that.

I haven't slept yet (since Sunday)...hopefully we can time walk the flight. Just want to sleep and cry, in whatever order.

Not normal,


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