Monday, March 27, 2017


Falling back to the old comfort zone with a quick Vicky V. sketch.

I just wanted to draw something in pencil again, after going back into pen and digital only for the past month while I've been offline.

I saw this technique online where it's mainly about overpainting, and thought I could try painting over pencils, to see how that goes.

This was actually our first attempt at that process, followed by an even looser attempt in that King Falls AM piece, which of course we posted first for maximum confusion.

This was just a series of escalations, which again, is why it's dangerous to try to do daily posts: I just wanted to draw something quick in pencil, but then I decided to render it a bit, then I decided to add some flat colors behind the pencils, then I thought I could try the quick overpainting technique, and then I thought I could add some graphical elements, and here we are.

Overall, I'm ok with this, and I feel like I am more comfortable using pencils as a strict base-concept, meaning I'm much more comfortable just outright discarding the lines during cleaning (I used the color dodge line-cleaning technique) and painting.

Eager to get to Vicky, but she's got to hang on for just a bit longer, even as of 5/4/17.

Not normal,


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