Monday, May 1, 2017


A super random color sketch, again,falling into the same old water pitfall, I should note...

I was originally just laying down random colors and shapes to see if I'd "see" something in the splotches, I even rotated and warped the entire canvas at random intervals to push the image into new directions.

The piece started vaguely as a mountainous landscape, but after the first rotate and warp, it looked like an ocean wave with a stack of frogs and reptiles rather than colorful mountains.

The coloful blobs merged into a giant frog-turtle after the next rotation, and from there, we stumbled on this grassy foreground, ocean background scene. I wanted to get reckless with this one, hence the strange colors of the creature's body, and the markings, to boot--I was thinking of how poisonous frogs get really outrageous colors. It's unclear if the creature's a threat or just curious wildlife.

I liked the little guys hanging out, though it was originally a campfire (still had the one loser standing apart from the group in that version). I rapidly had to change a bunch of these last few details from the single-layer base sketch cuz I was minutes from deadline and can't really draw as effectively when people are watching, and it just wasn't looking good.

Not normal,


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