Friday, May 19, 2017


I saw someone mention an online, in-browser auto-sketching program and wanted to give it a try. The idea is it builds a library of images for people to "autodraw" from, like autofill guesses what you're typing to complete the word, but this guesses what you're trying to draw and completes the drawing for you based on what it has in its bank of art that matches your mad scrawlings.

I wanted to give it a try but it was clunky, a little hard to work with, and was more meant for lineart--the colors I added here were mainly just big chunks of coiling lines filling the space I wanted to color. But the deal breaker was that it froze up on me and so the Link I drew got locked in that state, at which point I was done wiff dis.

It's a neat idea and has great potential for more designy or logo-y art say for posters around campuses and stuff, but it's currently unable to be pushed for more complex drawings. If they can ensure it doesn't freeze up and make it so longer drags don't move your selections of smaller lines or stutter the program, I could see giving it another shot.

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