Monday, May 15, 2017


I'm writing this on 7/24/17, as I've been away from updating Removal for a couple of months...absent like a ghost you might I can't actually remember all of the backstory to this. The main point of this site is largely so I myself don't forget what little details and inspirations went into the art I make, so joke's on me.

No real reason for a horror theme, but I remember I was short on ideas and the daily Twi/Insta deadline was close, so I just went with the tried and true random-color-blotches brainstorming technique that usually leads to an idea. I just stumbled on ghosts, which led to the haunted house, and then for a kicker, I plugged in a Jason/Freddy-type serial killer.

As I was uploading this, I remember precisely thinking, "Man, this is idiotic and unappealing, why am I posting this?," and yet this is one of my most popular pieces on Instagram. I still don't think it's that great, but whatever works, I guess.

Not normal,


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