Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Ok, yes, back into the old water trap, but hear me out, this time it's a desert forest swamp type deal. And there's a monster. Even a little short story!

The little eyes were a last touch that I thought might add to the scariness. I believe the bloody trim was improvised, because I was working with this new pair of textured brushes, which are simply wonderful for gruffing up a piece. I used the more drawing-oriented brush for most of this and then textured it with the more sandy dooder.

I also experimented with some half-tone accents around the border so it is hopefully not too traumatizing or intense, and falls more on the outlandish, fictional side of things. It's only scary if you really think about it, I'd say.

This was done on one layer, hence minimal making-of steps, but all the layer effects, blurs, etc. are of course loaded up on top.

Not normal,


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