Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I saw a photo of a placid lady dressed in white standing in an utterly, overwhelmingly vast jungle, and wanted to paint something similar.

The red dot represents Japan, or love, both to be held close to the heart. I love using negative space, and this felt like an excellent opportunity to try some out--the person here is the absence of being, anyone can be here, overwhelmed, but clinging to what they love.

The version posted to Twitter and Instagram is just passable, but the final version for Removal features some additional post production: with these color sketches, I usually stick exclusively to Steve Ahn's Ultimate Brush on a single layer of drawing, but for the post production I used additional drawing layers for some "star"/dusty brushes for the jungle sparkles, and the KNKL Chalk brush for additional lighting effects.

I'm trying various blur combo effects, too, such as the motion blur at a totally vertical angle to give the trees more height, and a zoom blur to give it a slightly eerie feel, or at least so it's less strictly comfortable or peaceful as a happy-go-lucky forest scene. Another change up was when RGB shifting, I set the blue layer to a unique layer style from its cohorts.

Tangentially, I was also kinda inspired by Dance Gavin Dance's latest release, apparently a cover to a pop song called "That's What I Like." The idea of whisking someone away and making them happy is quite captivating. I mean, that's sorta ultimately the goal with art--take people away and make them happy.

Or something like that, at least.

Not normal,


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