Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Not quite an SLS, but I wanted to do something vaguely political, and then thought it might look interesting as a magazine cover.

It's vaguely inspired by the leaks inundating that Orange Fraud, but particularly for the text, I wanted to keep it just general enough to apply to almost any time plausibly.

Easter Eggs: Some of the names come from Yale classmates and our Freshman Year dorm; Watergate source Deep Throat; and John Oliver's old podcast, the Bugle. The headlines are vaguely inspired by Flynn's firing and the impending Comey testimony (I'm writing this the Tuesday before his scheduled 6/8/17 testimony). The sky is orange and horrific for obvious reasons. The faux mag's motto means "Understand Everything in Time."

Fun Facts: Yale offered bus service to go see President Obama's first inauguration, but I passed on it as I felt it wasn't that big of a deal; I don't regret the decision per se, but I do feel going would have made the current situation feel a little less disgusting. I fully intend to be as politically apathetic, though perhaps never again as much so, as pre-2016, once all this idiocy is over and we have adults in charge again.

Anyway, the idea was to have some vile flood invade vaguely Washington, DC-esque buildings with dramatic perspective. The liquid started as water but eventually went to something like blood. This is again drawn on one layer with the SAUB, and then stacked with a bunch of post-production.

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