Wednesday, May 24, 2017


I wanted to try designing something nonsensical over the digital inks I did over a live-inked sketch from a while back. I chose the name Laura because pretty much all the female editors of papers at Yale were named Laura, so it felt author-y.

I just wanted to dress up the lines a little, but the final, quasi-magazine cover treatment idea came some time after this draft sat for a bit. I just love drawing scarves and negative space, but other than that, this is just a totally random train sketch.

I inked this with a new brush I'd just gotten, that they say is great for inks, and I agree. It's super smooth and crisp, but I do like the slight grit from my trusty Steve Ahn's Ultimate Brush, so I generally stick to that one. I bet it'd look killer with Lazy Nezumi or at least a Cintiq.

Not normal,


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