Friday, October 10, 2008


Last change: The Acolyte interrupts Dracht and Ben's reunion.
Now change 6!

And so begins adventure.

Easter Eggs: Change 6 in the plants.

Fun Facts: Frankie was my first QC design, drawn at a lonely Tokyo University social. Used my new 005. Panels 1, 2, and 5 took forever. The final right hand translated weirdly to ink.

So that curr, jack kelly, is stirring up all kinds of trouble. He didn't get his first stab at anorexia published, so why did he think "purge," another socially conscious cartoon would fly?

Here's the deal: jack kelly's trying to tap into the insanity of this whole eating disorder issue. He even got an appreciative comment from an actual anorexic person for his efforts last time. Revolutionary, I know, using dark humor to highlight an issue.

Didn't the YDN--and me, actually (printed on the same page, even)--just recently cover the relevancy of eating disorders? Clearly the issue is present at Yale; Master Haller even had to call out a purger last year who forgot to clean up afterward.

I'm usually fine with censorship, but even I think banning the above cartoon is a little much.

So instead, you get "naked."

I hope this hack gets his way.

Some day.


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