Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Continuing a veritable Rocktober, Sunday's Yale-A-Palooza yielded an incredible array of talented Yalies. The standout was without a doubt one Richard Miron. He sounds incredible live, like a youthful Death Cab for Cutie, packing a 90s nostalgia because of how closely he sounds like this guy. Everything's alright when he hits the mic.

Unfortunately, I missed most of the festival because I went apple-picking again this year, whose rain date landed right on the festival. I can't say those delicious apple donuts were worth it; I missed a bunch of bands I really wanted to see and sketch. The apples were huge though.

The day prior, I went to JE's Great Awakening and eagerly scarfed my kabobs and Klondike bar so I could sketch. This is the lead singer of Great Caesar and the Go Getters. Unfortunately it was only him and the saxophonist, but it was still a fine show.

The Sandy Gill Affair followed, but fell victim to its common curse: bad audio. The lead singer couldn't be heard, his accompanying vocalist blared, and none blasted louder than the piano. I really wish they had checked their sound better. Problems with audio killed them at Battle of the Bands last year, and allowed a mistake like the Laura Z. band to win.

You could be the greatest band on campus, but if no one can hear you, that's it.


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