Wednesday, October 29, 2008


First kisses are strange things...

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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in second panel.

Fun Facts: She was drunk. So was my roommate. They wanted our room for a while. I wanted to continue writing my paper in peace, as I had before they stumbled in. He tried to appeal to me to leave--"She isn't an athlete; she got in on brains." He sensed the statement was inappropriate. She tried to appeal to me to leave, offering at first to help me with my paper later. Then another offer. She and I were both shocked at the latter. The room stifled us with discomfort for a silent minute or two.

I focused on my writing and then felt something firm on my left cheek; I couldn't even tell you who she was, what she looked like--but that was it; I couldn't believe it. I wanted to cry, scream, disappear. Even she looked plagued over what just happened. My roommate realized the moment's gravity on me. They sobered up instantly and left. No one said a word.

They probably don't remember any of it. But I do.


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