Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Here are some more homework sketches for the kids. This first one's a study of Tatsuya Endo's manga's first volume's cover. I picked up on the strength of volume two's cover, and the series definitely has some of the most exciting art around. I could only understand the katakana bits of it the first time through, but Mr. Dandreamz has great coverage of volume one.

I myself love the costume design and how the world is basically feudal Japan but in the future but in the past. So they have all this tech and gadgetry, but other than that, it still feels quite feudal Japanny. Really neat. The action is electric and the art is gorgeously detailed: the chapter heading illustrations, inside covers, and of course outside covers are all seriously cool. It's kinetic, super expressive, and is really something to look for. Hope to check it out once I get some more Japanese vocabulary; I'm getting better at hiragana.

I got carried away with the Endo piece, but here are some quicker blasts. I try to riff on whatever the kids are talking about in their papers, but sometimes I just go with whatever pops into my head.

Sometimes I'm just playing off of their wacky errors or silly syntax or the novel expressions they use, like how someone mentioned "painapples" or how it's dangerous for them to cook. The owl one was my first non-smiley face homework sketch, so it holds a warm spot in where my heart should be.

As you can see, my fallback is using exclamation marks and/or surprised/vaguely angry people. The fairy one was inspired by a James Jean joint, jack.

Also, flan is gross.


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