Monday, October 24, 2011


We've got some more homework sketches, plucked relatively fresh from the flaps of teenybopper Japanese kids' homework. Up first is a sinister take on Sanji, the mighty cook. Lookin' intense, yo!

And to top you off, we've got a surefire jam of what and how you know you do, ya know?

We gotcher Death Notes, your Batmens, your Majin Buus, too. We gotcher subtle responses to the kids' homework (a kid who doesn't like reading comics?! Not on my watch! A kid who likes magazines, comics and video games? Noice!). And we even gotcher creepy video game-playing kid and yer multi-media sticker-riffing.

What more couldja want?

Dat dere Death Note came from a kid writing "it is good not to kill my family." Oh, those Japanese!


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