Friday, October 28, 2011


Also doubles as a solid pick-up line.

Zero Like Me #175:
Who Too, Tootsie


Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1. Jump Square Comics logo. Today's setting is Narita Airport I guess. This comic goes out to that puke pile, jack kelly. Today's title is a reference to an old Boy Meets World episode where Cory complains about being the only person who doesn't know about the Hutu and the Tutsi. Or something.

Fun Facts: This return to traditional inking has been just a psychological boon. I'm feeling much better about my art, more confident, electric. I think all the "live" ink practice is also a contributing factor, plus the live audiences that stop by as I'm working on comics energize me, just like during college. I'm feeling good. A lot. Like your mom.

Baa: I like using fake names when I must introduce myself to someone I am confident I will seldom if ever interact with again. I figure it's pointless to be so arrogant as to assume someone will remember my name just because I give it, so assuming that's true, I feel fine playing a harmless prank on someone and introducing myself as Paulo or Pablo or Frank Castle. Similarly, I like being as deadpan as possible with any jokes I "crack" in front of these "ghosts." It only amuses me, I'm sure, but hey, that's what counts.

Then of course whenever I use a fake name, they always remember it, don't they?


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