Monday, October 10, 2011


Some fan art today of one of my favorite artists, Richard Miron. He's part of a great new project called "The Willow and the Builder," with fellow prodigy Adrian Simon. Can't wait till it starts snowing here in my Calvin-and-Hobbesy bit of Japan cuz the album'll be great to wander the snow in; Mr. Miron has crafted one of his greatest songs yet, "Mansion Man," and you should definitely give it a listen. Or not. Sorry, didn't mean to get pushy. Please stop staring at me.

Right, so this draw started as a warm-up sketch before working on a comic, but then I figured I'd see if I could use my digital camera in lieu of my non-existant scanner, which mouse-cookied me into doing some quick colors over the photo since I haven't painted in a while.

I did a sketch of Adrian Simon, too, but it didn't come out so great...! Alas.

All right, comicsing time.



Elle said...

Hi Reuxben,

Can you please give me an valuation of how much it would cost for the comission I previously requested for non personal use? If you can't then no worries, take care and I look forward to your posts!!

Thank you,

Reuxben said...

Dear Elle,

Please find my commission information here (I handle all business over email):

Please don't hesitate to get in touch,