Wednesday, October 17, 2007


And now we see the crime: unwanted electrocution. The idea of this whole piece is that it is part of a big, multi-artist collaboration of "Dancemoves so Cool, They're Illegal." So this is the "Electrocution Slide."

Easter Eggs: the electricity at near the center (this picture's right) spells out, in cursive, Y-a-l-e. The "a" is right above the penultimately right vertical floor line.

Fun Facts: This was supposed to be the end of the show, but I learned last night that the design people want to use that alternate "initiator" I mentioned last time for the piece, whose right leg is visible just above this guy's head. So now we're going to have this poor guy being shocked to the right and the left. Or something. I don't know what it'll all look like ultimately, since they mentioned possibly dividing up the characters on opposing pages.

But what does that other shock-initiator look like? Good question. Like this, replete with the unerased pencils beneath the inks:

Yes. So I drew this one first, intending to having him shock some guy to his left. But then I realized I wouldn't have enough space to fit the shocked person, so I drew Shocked Guy below. But then I realized I wanted Shocked Guy to have electricity flowing to the right, which would mean he was being shocked from that same direction. I also thought it would be cooler and make more sense if a girl were shocking him. So then, after drawing these two, I drew Monday's Shocker on another page. But the design people are going to use this guy, hopefully deleting the pencil that I didn't bother to erase (because I thought it would never see print). Oh, irony, will you never stop bludgeoning me to a bloody pulp? How much do you want to bet they'll retain the clearly visible pencils in print?

Easter Eggs: the guy is wearing the same shirt as Ben from Ben10.

Fun Facts: I only inked this Shocker as a warm up before inking the shocked guy. His hair style is modeled after this new guy on the Yale Quiz Bowl team, who found his way to the group from my advertisement on the new admits' boards last admission cycle. So far that makes three 2011ers who I know have read my stuff on the New Admits' Site. Neat!

And so that's my contribution to "Dancemoves so Cool, They're Illegal." I am eager to see the rest of the issue's art. Because I'm art director for the Record, the magazine is wrapping up production, and I've only yet seen four pieces that were not my own (one of which looked like a (rough) sketch and is regrettably seeing print, and another which was a (polished) sketch that has unfortunately been cut from this issue).


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