Monday, October 22, 2007


After many weeks of strife, the Yale Record is poised to launch its first issue of the year, the "Crime Issue," tomorrow! If you are a Yalie, make sure to snag a copy. If you aren't a Yalie, consider subscribing! You'll be the talk of your town. We've got an electronic, $10 pdf version, or a printed, traditional $30 version. If you feel compelled to bestow some affordable Ivy-laced humor on your community, please kindly help me out by mentioning my name as your referrer.

On to the artwork. I usually have a more detailed piece and then a couple smaller ones every issue, and this is my "big" piece for this issue. You've already seen the minor piece, "Dance Moves so Cool, They're Illegal," and so now I present my flagship piece for the magazine. It's called "Prometheus, the Pyro-kleptomaniac."

While we were pitching ideas for this issue, someone mentioned kleptomania. Then our chairman said, "Yeah, or a klepto-pyromaniac or something, who steals stuff and sets it on fire. Or steals fire,"

"PROMETHEUS!" I screamed, and everyone laughed. And there was my assignment!

Easter Eggs: the Record's mascot, the owl, is on the templey building. Zeus is hanging out with some liver-hungry eagles in the background on Mt. Olympus.

Fun Facts: I gave him long nails because I think it's generally creepy when males have long nails. And I wanted Prometheus to look creepy. And psycho. To play up the maniac part of his description. I concepted the image as Prometheus crazily flaunting his stolen fire, which he is about to stash in his toga. I'm not sure that comes across, but I'm still happy with how creepy I made the guy.

I wanted to give him darker hair, but I decided to play it safe and not overwhelm the picture with such a big chunk of black. I also wanted to make the sheep's skin black, but I decided that I didn't want to risk losing the detail there.

Tune in Wednesday for something a little different. Tune in Friday for a very special episode of "Lighter Light," my weekly Herald update.

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