Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Since this a normal post day anyway, here's another MO segment, this time featuring my main drawing for the Yale Record's recent Crime Issue,
"Prometheus the Klepto-Pyro- Maniac," in celebration of having just received a colored draft of my cover for the upcoming Travel Issue!

We were tossing crimey ideas around, and someone mentioned a kelptomaniac. Another said, "Or a pyromaniac mixed with a kleptomaniac--he steals things and then sets them on fire. Or someone who only steals fire?"

"Prometheus!" I shouted. And they liked it, so when art assignments went around, I gnabbed this one up. So this was my very first crack at the subject. My initial view was just a shifty eyed Prometheus sneaking fire into his tunic, with some mythy sounding caption.

I then realized I could play up the "maniac" portion of his description, and immediately set out to draw a crazy, crazy guy.

Here are a couple of the shots I worked on.

I knew they eyes would sell it along with his wicked smile.

By my third draft, you'll note that we get considerably kookier. You'll also notice, unfortunately, that we kind of lose the idea of him trying to pocket the fire into his tunic.


Easter Egg: a sketch for my Dancemoves offering, "The Electrocution Slide," is at the top of the page.

And here we have our third draft, this time pretty much what you'll see in the final.

Although I lose a typical amount of quality translating into inks (and from rough drafts, for that matter).

Stage fright, I guess.

Anyway, we now have something like Prometheus kind of showing off the fire, versus just pocketing it.

I was thinking that we'd see him as he's kind of bragging, right before sheathing the fire into his tunic. You can see how the background's been simplified from the very first draft.

And here's our final draft!

I forgot to put snow caps--or any detail--on Mt. Olympus after all.

And the sky's lamentably bare...

But in any case, we've got nice easter eggs and everything, so check out the original post for more on all of that.

I'm off to draw more Record-y things now.


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