Monday, January 7, 2008


Just by pure chance, I visited the YDN page and discovered that the Tower Parkway (<--where I live) power plant (<--near where I live) was ablaze!

Well, here's another power plant-related disaster: it's my first submission for the Yale Record, from way back in that wonderful, beautiful time I like to call Freshman Year. The assignment was to depict "realistic" outcomes for superheroes after their radioactive origins.

It was for the equally disastrous Nuclear Issue, the first issue of last school year. As rough and limited as the piece is, that's just how pure and unlimited my first year felt. Ah, I miss Freshman Year.

Easter Eggs: None! Lame.

Fun facts: This was the first time I'd ever seen my stuff Photoshopped. And who else but the unflappable Chittenden to cover colors. It's also a fun(?) contrast to our most recent collaboration, the Travel Issue cover. Completely opposite: wonky pencils and inks, and it's black and white.

Hopefully things keep on--or start?--getting better. I dunno.


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