Friday, January 18, 2008


It's been an eventful week for me art-wise, particularly the past two days or so.

But first, if this is my Herald story, how could this guy possibly fit in? Well, he doesn't; this is a different series. That original story isn't quite locked down, and I feel it's worth more development.

So this series is called "Darling Find," and it isn't meant to run too long, but buy me time before "BLR" can launch.

Anyway, details on why this week was important for me on Monday and Wednesday.

Easter Eggs: while some of my family members like to claim stuff I draw is based on them, this is the only time they'd be right--the Kelly's hair is a riff on my sister's latest 'do.

"Kelly Ryan" comes from Meg Ryan's Kathleen Kelly, in You've Got Mail. "Robert James" bridges Spider-Man's Joseph "Robbie" Robertson and J. Jonah Jameson. The mall's name and design comes from my hometown's "Great Mall."

Fun Facts: It was 8am and I decided to abandon backgrounds and just turn it in. Ironically it didn't see print due to a Herald office mishap.

A bit more, I worked about 10 hours straight on "Woosh," skipped sleep, harvested breakfast energy, but then crashed in the middle of lecture after about 25 straight hours of non-sleep! Post-lecture, a classmate woke me up after my black out, and I was completely bewildered: I didn't remember passing out, but my neck was quite cramped. I sit three rows from the professor with no one sitting in front of me, so he probably saw me dozing right in front of him!


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