Monday, January 21, 2008


This drawing's from my final day in Spanish class (ever), from last semester.

Now, the big news from last week: Two new items have earned the "Citation" tag.

Citation News Part I: in an obvious pinch for material, the JE tabloid, Temptations--in their atrociously-laid-out Winter Break issue--used my WoZ post.

It's bittersweet: First, I actually did want to do comics for them, but obviously more consciously than this random (and minimally humurous) plucking. And second, I feel torn over whether or not I want credit for the entry beyond "Sophomore."

Also, unrelatedly, they mislabeled libel as slander. Lame.

Ok, so that news wasn't that interesting, but Wednesday's Part II will be! I mean it. Controversy and all that. You'll see.

Last thought: Harvard sucks.


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