Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This is a drawing of a classmate from the last day of ENGL114, Power Writing, freshman year.

Ok. Citation news Part II: The TravelCover post gets the tag. But ironically, I'm considering quitting the Record all together. This indecisive paralysis is why I've signed on for just one piece for this upcoming (and uninspiring) "Machine Issue."

What am I doing here, anyway?

The possible saving throw comes from a forwarded email from one Michael Gerber, Record '91, and his friend Joey Green, who both loved the past issue.

Green lauds, "the cover was done by a student?" This along with Gerber's future-driven alumnus support remind me why I'm doing this. Someday, I want people to hunt for my Yale material, like a yearbook photo of Tom Hanks or something. I want people to think, "Wow, can you believe that's really him?"

I originally joined the Record hoping to meet the next Conan (had he been a Yalie, of course). After discovering the Record's current precarious state, I felt compelled to stay if only to say years from now that I took part, or was even a material force, in getting the institution back on its feet.

So now I press on hoping that the ancient Record will stay afloat for the foreseeable ever. And in the (inevitably?) upcoming future golden age, some day they may publish a compilation of the Record's greatest moments--I've already browsed an early 1900s version. Well, I want to earn a spot in that new anthology.

And besides: the current "upswing," if you can even call it that, will certainly get better in just one semester; it can't get any worse. Er...never mind.

That's a lot for a non-Friday post. I have the comics'ing week off due to the Herald reprinting, but I'm going to see if I can work in a surprise anyway.


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