Friday, January 25, 2008


Welcome to the new new series, Darling Find (DF), and this time it's for real. Forget
last week.

On last week's fiasco: Page 15, where my comics appear, reprinted last semester's last comics, so the premiere didn't happen. Last week's comic was to run this week, but I decided to rework it.

The biggest change: backgrounds! Smaller change: now we know how and why she gets an interview.

Easter Eggs: My signature is an ad on that mysterious shop. A poster says Lang, referring to the great Mrs. Lang, renewing last semester's dedication.

Fun Facts: I came up with this tweak on production night, but fortunately finished at 5am, a three hour improvement over last week. I studied One Piece's first chapter a lesson on good intros.

And of course, jack kelly makes a triumphant return with "luxiam."

He apparently came by my suite's whiteboard earlier and scribbled out a preview, but I'll catch him some day.


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