Friday, January 4, 2008


This week's the Making Of...the Travel Issue's Cover for the Yale Record. This is my second cover, but it's significant because it's the triumph of more complex covers over painfully simplistic ones--like my first cover, in fact! This issue also had other points I argued for: black pages and text wrap! Hopefully these changes stick around.

Ok, first was an in-progress shot. Very light, image still forming, many missing elements.

Now the final pencils! Everything's pretty much locked in and it just needs to be inked, cleaned up, and then colored!

And after some inking and erasering it's finally ready to be sent off to that coloring dynamo, the incredible Chittenden!

Here's our first colored draft (along with a mock-up of the final cover design).

Coloring was tricky because it was Thanksgiving break and everyone was scattered to their hometowns.

Over email we tried working as much out as possible, and this came out pretty well, considering.

After a few notes, this is just about the final draft for colors. There were really small tweaks afterwards, which you can find here.

Note that this is where all those weird planes were off to: the Record logo's O.

And that's the Travel Issue's cover.


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