Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The Yale Record's Old Blue issue finally came much for that monthly release schedule. And why did they release it right before Spring Break? The stack at JE is basically untouched and gathering dust, and I'm sure the same is true at other colleges.

Anyway, here's babies. I even got a written piece in as a caption, although they changed all but the spirit of it, like going from "women and minorities" to "womenfolk." Is that funnier? I dunno.

I was weirded out for a while because the Record was funny and the Crayon wasn't, but they may both be settling back to normal. On the plus side to the Crayon, since Benji graduated, the talent is now distributed amongst several strong players, with only one real outstanding Crayon in the Silliman freshman, but the JE sophomores play excellently together.

Also: while working at CT Hall last night, I met a Zero Like Me fan! Freaking yeah, man, IRONY ACHIEVED! That's got to be my favorite title I've ever come up with, I love it. Can you even count how many meanings are packed into those three little words? I love it, man.


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