Monday, March 16, 2009


This took five or six years to complete. My first, likely last, truly best friend asked me to draw him Sora back in high school in Northern California. After many meh efforts I finally gave up, he understood. That's the only clear memory I can think of us interacting during high school; our friendship had been fizzling since fifth grade.

Cut to my final summer before Yale. I was back in NorCal and thought, if I see him again, I'll surprise him with the drawing for old time's sake. Well, I draw in waves (rough shapes; then super light pencils; then darker, cleaner pencils; inks; clean-up and re-inks/colors) so I lightly drew this up before chickening out of pursuing a reunion.

A few months ago, I found this guy in a binder and set him to be completed. Cut to a few days ago, I decide to darken the pencils without warming up and without the reference art; if that's how I drew it years ago, that's what I wanted. After darkening, I thought I might as well shade it. 5+ years' work done.

So this goes out to you, the only one I could really call my best friend. I haven't seen you in years, have only heard from you now and then, but you've never been replaced. I guess we're still friends like old rock stars are "legends;" the title sticks out of respect, but its only ever greatest hits albums now.

And sorry for that kindergarten thing; I still hate to think about it.

Thanks for everything,


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