Monday, March 2, 2009


Shut the garage door and rev the engine, it's Sick Little Suicide #6 - "Lifosuction," in which I rush and hope it's relevant.

Easter Eggs: None really; a little heart..."Yale" is already in the paper.

Fun Facts: "Preggers" was used simply because it's shorter than "Pregnancy." I usually research hairstyles and clothing, but no time for that this time.

I sprinted to get this one done asap because I'm swamped, but need to respond to a Wednesday article, plus I need to feel like I deserve to be at the President's YDN-Herald supper tonight. You have to put on your thinking cap a bit for this piece, and I'll admit it's not my strongest YDN art, but heck, man, at least I wasn't the one hogging the YDN scanner Sunday night. Teehee.

Magneto and Professor X, remember?


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