Friday, March 27, 2009


Last Crash: Smalltown girl Bee Farnam encounters a rooftop monsta.

It's the April Fools Special 2009, kid.

Monsta Crash #9: PocketMonsta
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Easter Eggs: Dan's squareman, Crash 9 in center debris, Ash, Pokemon encounter text and scroll arrow.

Fun Facts: This year I went with an Un- set theme, where art pops out of the very page, and I got to use heavier Pokemon influence.

That fool jack kelly showed up, too. He got a teammate, but his half of the equation, "the giant," looks like this:

He weighs 1 gram.

I'm really happy with how the section came out, although we lost a bunch of the border's mini-comics in the 11th hour, but it definitely topped last year. I'm eager to see next year's edition.


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