Monday, March 23, 2009


Gilda was to star in "Darling Find 2: Ruemore" this semester, but I figured a sequel's the easy way out...

Well, I entered an editorial cartoon contest over break with:


Every now and then I meet someone who likes what I do, and that really makes this downward spiral worth it.

While deciding on and re-scanning contest candidates, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a dude just staring at me. Having spotted this near my pick pile, he confirmed I was me, told me he liked my series, and even got the name right (my editor forgets sometimes)!

When I started "Zero Like Me," I thought it's win-win: if no one likes it, then the title's true; if even one person likes it, it's ironic. So, yeah, thank you so much, man, I really appreciate the support. In fact, thank you to all supporters, I truly appreciate you guys. I don't care if you read this stupid stuff (I wouldn't), thanks for just checking out the artwork.

Oh, and I also applied for a DreamWorks internship. How insane would it be to have this guy as a reference? Haha.

Skg ftw lol,


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